• 07.14Sun.

    天井裏のザムザ x 殺戮ロボット 共同企画【Somewhere, Nowhere】

    殺戮ロボット -SATSURIKU ROBOT-

    ■OPEN 17:30  ■START 18:00
    ■TICKET ADV(前売)¥3,000+1drink  DOOR(当日券) ¥3,500+1drink



    最後の大物はMUSHA  x  KUSHA。ステージセンターで舞踏をする【舞踏: 蟲役者】を擁する超個性派ロックバンド!舞と音楽で魅せる骨太なパフォーマンスに目を奪われること間違いなし!!

    この日は、天井裏のザムザ、殺戮ロボット、PICOBIT、MUSHA  x  KUSHAの四者四様のエンタテインメントDAY!

    The gothic rock band 天井裏のザムザ(Tenjo-ura-no-Zamza) is active in Tokyo. Vocalist Taiga and SATSURIKU ROBOT’s Hide and Yuuki are acquaintances… Last year, after drinking for the first time in a while, we decided to do an event with each other’s bands! So, the event was held! When Hide and Yuuki were in a band called ARISE, Taiga was playing bass and vocals in a different band… Although they are no longer around now, we used to share the stage of venue named Shinjuku URGA, so that’s how we are friends (lol).

    And finally, the performing band has been confirmed! !
    ​The first additional band is PICOBIT! A hybrid electronic core band centered on digital sounds and heavy rock sounds that attract viewers with their songs and screams. In addition to this we must explain that SATSURIKU ROBOT’s vocalist KEN・THE・METAL★ is participating as a screamer in PICOBIT!

    The last additional big band is MUSHA x KUSHA. A super unique rock band with a [Dancer: 蟲役者(Mushiyakusya)] who dances at the center of the stage! You are sure to be captivated by the powerful performance of dance and music! !

    This day is an entertainment day for four people: 天井裏のザムザ(Tenjo-ura-no-Zamza), SATSURIKU ROBOT, PICOBIT, and MUSHA x KUSHA!

    Tickets may sell out, so we recommend booking early!!

    • 天井裏のザムザ x 殺戮ロボット 共同企画【Somewhere, Nowhere】